Vamoose Bus Rewards Program:

Register for the Vamoose Bus Rewards program for free, and start earning points when paying for tickets. Once your account has accumulated the required number of points, you can redeem them toward free tickets for any Vamoose Bus schedule.

Joining the Vamoose Bus Rewards program is easy and free. Click here for more details.

College Card Discount:

Students attending  the following universities will receive a 30% discount when purchasing tickets with their respective college ID card.

 University:  ID Card:  Card Logo:
 American University  EagleBucks  
 Georgetown University  GoCard  
 George Mason University *  Mason Money *  

- Note that this discount is only valid for reservations that have been paid for with the ID card. Students who chose to pay with a regular credit card will not receive the discount.

- This discount will not apply for a reservation on the Vamoose Gold Bus.

- This discount will only be offered on schedules that have a standard fare ($30 /seat and up). 

* Notice: Effective August 15, 2013, we can no longer accept the Mason Money card. In order to receive the George Mason discount, students and faculty should contact our customer service call center and provide their personal Campus ID Number and a standard credit card.

Exclusive Vamoose Bus UBER deal!

We have partnered with Uber to offer an exclusive promotion for Vamoose Bus customers. Sign up for Uber using promo code VAMOOSEBUS, and receive 2 free Uber rides, up to $20 each.

(New Uber users only. Not available on UberTaxi.)

Redeeming a Vamoose Bus Groupon:

On October 31, 2011, we introduced a one-time 50%-off deal through Groupon. The expiration date on the deal was April 30, 2012. However, as stated in the terms on Groupon's website, only the "promotional value" of the deal expired; the actual amount paid for the coupon never expires and may always be redeemed.

If you hold an unredeemed Vamoose Bus Groupon deal, you may go ahead and redeem when booking a reservation. Be prepared to provide the "Groupon number" and "redemption code" in the Groupon section at checkout.

Note that you may only redeem 1 Groupon per reservation. If you hold multiple Groupons, you will have to redeem them individually.

NYC Off-Broadway Week 2014

NYC Off-Broadway Week is back, featuring 2 for 1 tickets to more than 45 Off-Broadway shows!

New York City Attractions Pass:

With so many unique attractions, world-famous museums and skyscrapers, there is always plenty to do in New York City. However, sightseeing in NYC might not be the cheapest experience.

If you're planning a visit to NYC, purchase a New York Pass for a flat fee, and you will get free access to 70+ attractions!



* The 3rd party deals contained herein is provided for informational purposes as a service to our customers. Vamoose Bus should not be held responsible if theses discounts are not available.