Interior of a Vamoose Gold BusInterior of a standard Vamoose Bus
Left: Interior of a Vamoose Gold Bus coach.
Right: Interior of a standard Vamoose Bus coach.

Vamoose Gold Bus — A Business-Class Coach

The Vamoose Gold Bus is our premier, business-class coach service. On most days, we offer one or two Gold Bus schedules from each destination. The gold bus departs in the morning from Arlington, VA & Bethesda, MD to New York City, and from NYC in the afternoon.

(Note: When booking a reservation, the gold bus schedule will be marked as . A schedule that doesn't have this symbol, is not a gold bus.)

Following are some of the details of the Vamoose Gold Bus:
  • Full-size coach outfitted with only 36 seats (compared with 56 seats on our standard buses).
  • Comfortable reclining plush leather seats.
  • More leg room.
  • More width per seat.
  • 12 single-seat rows on the left side of the bus.

Additional free amenities: *

  • Reading lights.
  • Folding tray-table and cup holder.
  • Conveniently located power outlets at every seat.
  • Complimentary internet access (WiFi).
  • Bottled spring water at the beginning of the trip.

Gold Bus passengers will certainly enjoy the basic services that we provide to all riders, gold bus and standard coach:
  • Luggage assistance at departure and arrival.
  • Emphasis on departing on time.
  • Clean, fresh restrooms.
  • Friendly customer service.
  • Flexible ticket change policy.


* These complimentary amenities are the standard on the Vamoose Gold Bus, however they may also be available on many of the other Vamoose Bus schedules.
Disclaimer: We make an effort to provide these amenities free of charge on all trips. However, if for whatever reason any of the amenities mentioned above are not available on your trip, we will not issue a credit or refund. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and FAQs.