Interior of a Vamoose Gold BusInterior of a standard Vamoose Bus
Left: Interior of a Vamoose Gold Bus coach.
Right: Interior of a standard Vamoose Bus coach.

Vamoose Gold Bus — A Business-Class Coach

The Vamoose Gold Bus is our premier, business-class coach service. On most days, we offer only one or two gold bus schedules from each destination. The gold bus departs in the morning from Arlington, VA & Bethesda, MD to New York City, and from NYC in the afternoon.

(Note: When booking a reservation, the gold bus schedule will be marked as . A schedule that doesn't have this symbol, is not a gold bus.)

Following are some of the features and amenities of the Gold Bus:
  • Full-size coach outfitted with only 36 seats (compared with 56 seats on our standard buses).
  • Comfortable reclining plush leather seats.
  • More leg room.
  • More width per seat.
  • 12 single-seat rows on the left side of the bus.
  • Folding tray-table and cup holder at every seat.
  • Conveniently located power outlets at every seat.*

Gold Bus passengers will certainly enjoy the basic services that we provide to all riders, gold bus and standard coach:
  • Luggage assistance at departure and arrival.
  • On-time departures.
  • Clean, fresh restrooms.
  • Complimentary unlimited Internet access (WiFi).**
  • Friendly customer service.
  • Flexible ticket change policy.

* All of our standard buses have power outlets, but not necessarily at every seat. The Vamoose Gold Bus has an outlet at every seat.
** The WiFi service is only being provided as an added amenity. If the service is not available, no credit will be issued. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions and FAQs.