Following is some of the feedback that we've received from our customers.
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Shilongo Shilongo testimony

Great experience on time all the time
Shilongo S. Feb. 4, 2024 On Our website

Muhammad Awan testimony

using Vamoose since 2009 and so far best service.
Muhammad A. May 18, 2023 On Our website

Cynthia Smith testimony

Oh how I wish you had a bus leaving from Fredrick Maryland. It would be a big convenience for a lot of people. Love your company. Thank you
Cynthia S. May 11, 2023 On Our website

Michele Greenberg testimony

We went to NYC this weekend from Bethesda. We had the same driver for both parts of the trip-Crystal. She was courteous, highly professional and was an excellent driver.
Michele G. Feb. 20, 2023 On Our website

Robert Freeman testimony

I've been using Vamoose since 2013. I couldn't have found a better transportation company
Robert F. Dec. 6, 2022 On Our website

Pamela B.

Vamoose is great but the GOLD BUS Rocks! Will be riding this coming weekend. If you haven't used a bus in awhile or you have had a bad experience... Try Vamoose! It will not let you down. Clean, Comfortable, On time, and the personnel are wonderful!
Pamela B. Mar. 3, 2020 On Facebook

Abdul Jabbar Ghayoor

I have been travelling back and forth between DC and NYC couple times a month for work and pleasure and used many different buses but was never satisfied with their cleanliness, professionalism and timeliness. When I moved to Bethesda, I found Vamoose Bus on the next block and thought to give it a try. It has been over 2 years and over 100 trips with Vamoose, I am a happy customer and the relationship goes on.

I love the fact that their buses are clean, their drivers are very well behaved and professional and that their departures are on time. For anyone who travel between DMV and NYC area, Vamoose Bus would be my first suggestion. Their bus stops are in ideal locations specially the one in Rosslyn, close to Metro and a ton of local buses.
Abdul Jabbar G. Sept. 12, 2019 Via Email

Jill S.

I'm hooked! I took my first Vamoose trip this weekend (Bethesda to NYC and return). This messge is a shout out to the friendly, helpful, and professional staff on both ends of the journey. Kudos to all for making the journey friendly and extremely easy.
Jill S. Nov. 11, 2018 Via Email

It's me DT on Twitter

Shout out to @VamooseBus. I lost my wallet on a recent trip they returned it fully intact. I was already a fan for their service but knowing their workers are honest adds to it.
DT June 18, 2018 On twitter

Naveed N.

Accidentally missed my scheduled reservation. Worked with Jada at the Bethesda Stop - he helped fix my reservation and get me on the last bus to NYC.

Thank you so much Jada and Vamoose Team for being so compassionate!! Very good customer service.
Naveed N. Apr. 29, 2018 Via Email

Alan F.

My wife and I took Vamoose this past weekend from NYC to DC and back (coach going down, Gold Bus back). Loved it. Very, very good. Like your personnel, liked the equipment, liked the on-time departures. Liked everything and will use again. Congrats to you.
Alan F. Apr. 10, 2018 Via Email

Gregg Brelsford

I left a book on the Vamoose bus from Bethesda, MD to NYC. I filed the Vamoose website form for Lost and Found. They answered immediately with a polite email saying they would look for it and let me know the results in 48 hours. True to their word, they emailed me within 48 hours to say they had found the book and provide instructions on where to pick it up (near the NYC bus pickup location). I went there and the lady I spoke with was professional and courteous and promptly gave me my book.

I cannot thank Vamoose enough for timely finding my book and the way they handled this. Thank you very much.
Gregg B. Jan. 30, 2018 Via Email

Laura K.

Just want to give a shout out to the agent in Bethesda, who patiently and effectively helped me this morning after I'd made an error in putting the incorrect reservation on hold. He's one of the many reasons I continue to choose Vamoose Bus.
Laura K. May 12, 2017 Via Email

Alice T.

Hats off to 2 outstanding employees: Marvin in NYC and Nancy the driver. Treated my 86 y/o mother like she was their own mother, just outanding courtesy.

Thank you!!

1/15/2017 - via email
Jan. 15, 2017


This was my friend and my first time on Vamoose bus and we absolutely LOVED the experience! We took the bus from Lorton to the drop off in NYC. Everything was top notch!!! The bus drivers were courteous and incredibly professional. They picked us up on time and the drop off was superb. We didn't know what to expect from Vamoose, but will absolutely take Vamoose each time we go to New York.

Jamal in NYC was excellent when we had to change our reservations. He has the customer service skills that I wish everyone who serves the customer needs.

Keep up the good work!

7/25/2016 - via email
July 25, 2016

Paul M.

My first time taking you guys from VA to NYC and back - must say - the best service I've had. Comfortable. :)

6/6/2016 - on Twitter
June 6, 2016

Marlene A.

I want to tell you how great the Vamoose employees who load the bus at Penn station are. My parents and I have used your company back and forth to Bethesda and the staff is great helping get our luggage on and off. I especially appreciate the kindness towards my elderly parents. Whether I call, e-mail or speak directly at the bus I have found all of the Vamoose staff very helpful.

6/5/2016 - via email
June 5, 2016

David M.

You guys never fail to provide excellent service...Everybody from the baggage porters, to the ticket receivers, to telephone support and to the drivers are impressive.

5/16/2016 - via email
June 5, 2016

Ashley S.

Vamoose is the only bus I will take to NYC and have been riding exclusively with them for 5 years. It is immaculately clean, riders are considerate of others and most importantly, you arrive and depart right on time. The entire staff (loaders, drivers, phone operators) is extremely professional and provide amazing customer service, which alleviates the stress of travel. YOU HAVE TO VAMOOSE!!

2/8/2016 - via email
June 5, 2016


The airlines could take a lesson or two from you guys in terms of customer service and satisfaction.

11/6/2014 - via email
Nov. 6, 2014

Claire S.

I am a single traveler over 80 years of age. This week I took bus from Bethesda. All personnel were very helpful. They even allowed me to board the bus first. After arrival in NYC the driver extended great personal service.

Your company and its staff deserve highest praise and appreciation.

10/30/2014 - via email
Oct. 30, 2014

Jane Mazzola

Thank you for your excellent transportation service to/from NYC. Reservations, check in, even change to earlier bus time from NYC, and the personal courtesy of your employees.

Once again, a very pleased customer!

10/29/2014 - via email
Oct. 29, 2014

Michelle Ng

I just got on the bus from NYC and I wanted to let you know what a good experience vamoose always is. Orderly lines, friendly people managing the lines and luggage, ON TIME, clean buses and wifi.

So much better than your competitors! Keep it up!

6/20/2014 - via email
June 20, 2014

Gina E.

I wanted to take a few minutes to express my appreciation for the great service you provide.

I am a frequent rider and your company has given me a cost effective way to travel from VA to NY (where my family resides). Your staff is always polite and go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.

Thank you! -Gina

5/21/2014 - via email

May 22, 2014

Tom M.

This really is a well-run company. I tell anyone going that way should use Vamoose. You are crazy to drive if you can get away with not having a car.

3/31/2014 - via email

Mar. 31, 2014
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