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Tweets on Thanksgiving Weekend 2011.

A shout out 4 Donald at Bethesda @VamooseBus pickup! Wonderful greeting; tremendous help; an uplifting start to the morning. Thank you!
Nov 23

Out of all the NYC-DC bus services, vamoose is by far the best. Efficient, always leaves on time (or early!), best quality of customers.
Nov 23

Wow out early from the bus stop for the first time since..ever! Kudos Vamoose, you've got me. DC by 5:30.
Nov 24

Seats on this Vamoose bus are really comfortable for sleeping for some reason! Planes should have these!
Nov 24

Riding in style from MD to NYC on @VamooseBus #efficient #inexpensive
Nov 27

kudos to #Vamoose bus between #DC area and #NYC over the holiday weekend; couldn't have run smoother; everyone from driver to check-in first rate.
Nov 28
Dec. 1, 2011

Dorothy P.

Please add me on your list of growing fans.

I'm blown away by your customer service, your quality and many added extra touches that made my trip so very, very good.

I was late today due to a half hour delay in car service from Brooklyn to Manhattan. (only 4 minutes, but I know how well you manage your schedule) and expected to be out of luck. I called your customer service line and got Anderson who assured me he could get me on the next bus just two hours later. He asked me to call back a few minutes before departure and voila…they had the bus there for me. Apparently I wasn't the only person having a rough morning, but truly…this was exceptional given how busy the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is.

Add to that…the MOST wonderful driver, John, who helped me and was so very gracious. John drove the 9:30 bus from Penn to Rosslyn today, Nov. 22nd. Please, please honor him with some great customer service reward. I almost cried I was so touched by his kindness.

Keep it up Vamoose!

Dorothy P.

11/22/2011 - via email

Nov. 28, 2011


Vamoose customer service goes above and beyond!

Another passenger mistakenly picked up our bag as the luggage was being unloaded in Manhattan, and before we had even filed off the bus she had left. A couple of hours later we find out the other passenger has ended up at more than an hour out of town in the suburbs, and she has no ride back into NYC. Vamoose worked hard to track her down and send a driver up to her house to get my bag back...and it wasn't even their fault.

Thank you Vamoose!

10/30/2011 - via email
Oct. 31, 2011


I took the 10:10 bus from Bethesda today --rain snow ice all the way to NYC--and your bus driver was terrific. He drove safely under difficult circumstances.

Thanks Vamoose!

10/29/2011 - via email
Nov. 3, 2011

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Ginsberg

We had a round-trip from Bethesda to NYC on 10/1/2011 with return on 10/3/2011. Excellent experience--clean and quiet bus, great bathroom facilities, and wonderful and helpful personnel both in Bethesda and in NYC.

The drivers were excellent with safe-driving habits. We even arrived back in Bethesda 15 minutes early! As long as your service exists we will never fly to NYC again. This trip is so convenient and easy that it puts the airline hassles of parking, security checks, and interminable waits and delays to shame.

Thanks so much and keep up the great work.

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Ginsberg

10/5/2011 - via email
Oct. 5, 2011

Patricia Marshall

I left Bethesda on Sept. 05, 2011 at 4:00 p.m. and had arrived in NYC at 8:30 p.m. despite all of the traffic and rain conditions that the driver had to go through. He is an excellent driver and extremely professional. I want to add that the men that you employ for loading and unloading the buses are gracious and kind.

On my trip to Maryland I was the only one left waiting for my ride and the gentleman stayed with me until the car came. I also had the same experience in NYC and the gentleman stayed and would not leave me alone till my ride came. They went beyond their job and I am very satisfied and will always use Vamoose.

Thank you for a enjoyable trip.

9/7/2011 - Via email
Sept. 9, 2011


@vamoosebus is the best bus company ever!! Been using them four years and counting and am always by their awesome customer service! Thk you!

8/29/2011 - @kalpanac
on Twitter
Aug. 30, 2011

Dan F.

I cannot commend and thank you enough for the expert driver on Saturday 8/20 8AM from Arlington to NYC.

After Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D, we were ahead of the [America's 9/11] motorcycle convoy. (I support their cause, but would not like to be inconvenienced by it.)

Also, when a dark blue compact car stopped suddenly on the ramp after paying Lincoln Tunnel toll, the beige car immediately behind barely avoided a collision and the bus stopped deftly. I thought, "this driver is not just good - but paying attention every second." You would say, "but of course" nevertheless I was moved by seeing it.

I'll ride Vamoose more.

Kind regards,

8/22/2011 - via email
Aug. 22, 2011


Quality customer service with @VamooseBus. You remembered I've been a dedicated passenger since Nov 2010! #rackingpoints

8/18/2011 - @Puttcheeks on Twitter
Aug. 22, 2011

Norma N.

Last Friday, August 12, 2011, I had a ticket for a different company that leaves to NYC. The boarding site had been changed without notice; as a result, a group of people had to rush to the new place at the last minute. The bus was leaving at the time we got there, although it was a couple of minutes before the scheduled time. Some of us made it, but not me, although I had a ticket and there was plenty of space. The driver shut the door on our faces and left.

I remembered a friend told me that Vamoose buses left from near the Bethesda Metro, so I rushed there. When I arrived, I must have looked terribly stressed, the Vamoose employees calmed me down and in the most professional and courteous way they assured me there was a seat on the bus and not to worry. During the trip I talked to some people on the bus, they all said they would not use any other company, they loved the Vamoose service. The driver was EXCELLENT.

Thanks, NN

8/16/2011 - via email
Aug. 16, 2011

Jeffrey G.

I took the 4:00 PM bus from Bethesda to NYC yesterday, Sunday, August 14.

The often traffic and bad weather made driving a challenge. Your driver provided the most skillful bus ride I'd even taken. 

8/15/2011 - via email
Aug. 15, 2011

Patricia Irvin

Vamoose has won a customer for life!

My daughter and I had just gotten home (11:30 pm) from a quick two day trip to NYC. She started to panic as we were unpacking because she could not locate her wallet. We searched and figured the wallet must have spilled out of her purse on the return Vamoose bus.

I called the general number and left an urgent message. Sol called back within the half hour, and said he would try to locate the wallet and he would call back within the hour if he found the wallet. I wasn't optimistic. About 30 minutes later Sol called saying the wallet was found, and I could pick it up the next day at the Arlington stop. At the Arlington stop the driver asked for id before he handed the wallet to my very grateful daughter. I am so thankful for the integrity and honesty demonstrated by the Vamoose employees!!!

I will continue to use this easy and comfortable way to travel to NYC!

Please thank all of the Vamoose employees that were involved in the return of my daughter’s wallet!!!

Patricia Irvin

7/19/2011 - via email
July 20, 2011

I. Diarra

I am a foreigner. I am a business owner. I want you to know that you are helping me a lot in my business by the comfort, punctuality, and discipline provided by your company and employees..

I recently referred another friend to your company, who is not stopping thanking me.

Have a good continuation of the good service you are providing! 

6/12/2011 - via email

June 12, 2011

Anita Coleen Byrd

I've taken the Vamoose Bus from NY to DC over 10,000 miles since Summer 2010. That's a LOT of miles!! I always feel safe!! I won't tolerate a bus driver that goes over the speed limit or changes lanes or tailgates!! Safe drivers are the way to go!! Plus the Vamoose employees are so nice and competent!!

4/19/2011 - on Facebook
Apr. 27, 2011

William John Camarinos

Hi Vamoose bus - The way to go between NYC and DC Metro area. Keep up your high standards. Loyal customer!

4/3/2011 - on Facebook
Apr. 3, 2011

B. V. Clark

Couldn't be more happy I took @VamooseBus. Everything is better about this experience! The seats, wi-fi, toilet: fabulous! #nyfw 

@VamooseBus is THE way to travel for #nyfw (making me feel better) My seat reclines, bus smells great & driver is hysterical!

@makeovermomma via Twitter
Feb. 11, 2011

Karen Rowson

Dear Vamoose,

I just wanted to send a positive note saying that I took my first Vamoose trip on Saturday morning from Lorton VA to NYC, and it was an experience that exceeded my expectations.

I travel from Woodbridge VA to see family several times a year. I have either driven, taken the train. A friend told me about the Vamoose bus at the Lorton VRE. This is so very convenient for me 7 minutes from my house with and safe well lit place to park.

You guys are the Bain children of pleasant transportation to NY from Prince Williams County. Also the point system is awesome, two trips to NY and I can earn a free trip.

The staff check folks , baggage handlers with the green jackets along with (Antonio) Saturday Feb 5th @ 7am driver was not only friendly and easygoing, but he made the trip a pleasant experience for all, and the fact that there was only one stop in Arlington VA before the trip to NYC, with such a respectful clientele made it an A+ all around experience for me.

Thanks once more for such a wonderful experience this past weekend, and I absolutely plan not only on booking my future trips with Vamoose, but on spreading the word to my friends here in Woodbridge and NY looking for affordable, stress-free transportation.

Vamoose is proof that one does not have to sacrifice down to earth, friendly customer service and an overall positive experience when making the decision to spend less on transportation.

2/10/2011 - via email
Feb. 11, 2011

Andrew L.

Hi there,

I just wanted to send a positive note saying that I took my first Vamoose trip yesterday, from Bethesda to NYC, and it was an experience that exceeded my expectations.

I travel to Maryland to see family several times a year. I have always taken (...), and with each trip, I have come to anticipate the unfriendliness and general lack of courtesy of the staff and overall experience. It's become par for the course in the selecting an inexpensive method of transportation when traveling to visit my family.

My sister recommended I give Vamoose a try this time, as she had heard great things from a friend, and after last night's trip, I have to say now that I will never look back.

The staff was not only friendly and easygoing, but they made the trip a fun experience for all, and the fact that the trip was direct to NYC, with such a respectful clientele made it an A+ all around experience for me.

I was also very pleased to hear in the pre-trip announcement that with every four rides, I receive a free one. What a smart way to keep clients coming back again and again.

Thanks once more for such a wonderful experience yesterday, and I absolutely plan not only on booking my future trips with Vamoose, but on spreading the word to my friends here in NYC looking for affordable, stress-free transportation.

Vamoose is proof that one does not have to sacrifice down to earth, friendly customer service and an overall positive experience when making the decision to spend less on transportation.

1/31/2011 - via email
Feb. 8, 2011

Bonnie L.

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed my roundtrip from Bethesda to NYC. The drivers were very courteous, and your staff was very helpful with lining everyone up and tending to our luggage.

I will highly recommend Vamoose to friends.

1/19/2011 - via email
Jan. 19, 2011

J. Rabil

Kudos to @VamooseBus this morning ! Leaving from Bethesda to NYC, exceptional service #travel.

11/22/2010 -
@jarabil Via Twitter
Nov. 30, 2010


@vamoosebus is very organized in comparison to all the other bus debacles I've had recently. Nice work!

11/24/2010 -
@ilianainocencio via Twitter
Nov. 30, 2010


Excited to use my free trip from @VamooseBus soon ... great bus company. On time, good drivers, comfy bus, good service, convenient!

11/25/2010 - @vbpub via Twitter
Nov. 30, 2010

E. O'Connell

Our trip to NYC was wonderful. Your company ROCKS! 

11/15/2010 - via email
Nov. 16, 2010

Evelyn M.

To pay a compliment!

Hello Vamoose! I recently took my third trip on Vamoose on 10/28/10, leaving from VA to NY on a return trip. I must say the gentleman that took our tickets and gave us the info was very informative, polite and had a GREAT sense of humor.

The driver that trip (9:30 am on Friday) was a Mr. Chang. The man telling us the regs for the trip was funny as he said no cell phones that are disruptive, the "conversation should be between you and the caller and added AMEN". Funny. Then he said he if have to use the rest room, please hold on or "you will meet Mr. Chang all over again". Everyone chuckled! 

This is a great way to visit my daughter and family, instead of my husband making the drive all the time.

Sincerely, a very satisfied customer that really discovered using your service that my daughter has been telling us about for some time now.

Mrs. Evelyn M.

11/12/2011 - Via email
Mar. 27, 2011

Paulette C.

Just arrived home from Bethesda - my first ride on your Gold Bus and it was so enjoyable. A really good idea to offer this upgrade to those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to afford it. Loved having a free copy of the NYTimes too.

As a single traveller I really appreciated being able to sit by myself. And I am so glad you do not offer a movie, so we can enjoy our books and papers without distraction. Also, you do such a good job with helping to keep lines straight (especially on 31st st.), and the offer to help with a heavy suitcase by some of your young lads is much appreciated. A great service all round and a brilliant idea to have a Gold Bus.  

9/11/2010 - via email
Sept. 13, 2010
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